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School support from 5 years to Baccalaureate

Since 1990, Vistahermosa School has been a leading company in education, school support and language teaching for adults and children from the age of 5 in Puerto de Santa María and Jerez de la Frontera. In our centers we form students with an enthusiasm for learning, emphasizing one or another skill according to their level, age and abilities. It is from the age of 4 when we believe that they are better able to play a second language and it is from the age of 7 when the children are mature enough to start organizing their school work. It is then when we begin our work as teachers and with time, dedication and professionalism we achieve our goals. Our aim is to create in our students a good habit of study and obtain good results at the end of the course. In this way we will avoid the family having to worry about homework or exams.


The schedules of our students are “à la carte” always within the opening hours of the center. We know how difficult it is for parents to reconcile working and family life and we try to ensure that each student has a schedule adapted to their possibilities.

For any doubt about prices do not hesitate to consult us in any of our centers or by telephone and email 24h in:



Middle and High School

Preparation test free of access to the Professional Training of Middle and Higher Degree.

Training program that includes the preparation of the three parts of the test: Socio-linguistics, mathematics and scientific-technical that will help you successfully pass the exam and also provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to attend vocational training Of medium or higher grade.

Over 25 years old

Preparation Access to the University for over 25 years

The course of access to the university for over 25 years prepares you to pass the tests of access to the official university degrees of Degree, organized annually by the different public and private universities of the state. With the Vistahermosa School course, you will be ready to pass the University Access Exam for over 25 years, equivalent to the LOGSE baccalaureate, the minimum level required for any opposition or job offer.

You will acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the different exams that make up this test. The decision to pursue a university career expands your chances of obtaining a better paid job and more responsibility, as well as being prepared to promote yourself internationally within your company and access to positions of greater importance.

The course is taught in person at our center in Barriada el Juncal. Do not hesitate to inquire on the phones :
956 858345 / 626 893 345 Or in our email :

  • Possibility of opening hours on Saturday mornings
  • limited spaces