BLOCK A: Subsistence level.

  • Level A1: Initial contact: The student recognizes common structures in his / her environment, if they are done in a clear and precise way./li>
  • Level A2: Habits and customs: Captures the main idea of the messages and understands common vocabulary on familiar and personal topics.

BLOCK B: Medium linguistic competence

  • Level B1: Understanding and independent interaction: The student understands the main ideas of the discourse related to his environment (school, hobbies, …), as well as programs in & nbsp; Television, whose plot lines are not too complex.
  • Level B2: Advanced Cultural Knowledge: Understands & nbsp; movies, programs and news on current topics and follows complex plot lines.

BLOCK C: Communicative competence at the higher level

  • Level C1: Domain in social, academic and professional context: Comprehends extensive programs, films and speeches without difficulty although they are not clear and structured.
  • Level C2: Fluency in degree of accuracy: The student does not present any difficulty to understand any type of spoken speech, regardless of their speed and accent.